What We Liked:
The magnificent BOSE sound system, good fuel economy, roomy interior
What We Didn't:
Poor handling, strange button placements, hard on the behind after a while

Could this be the world’s first SUV aimed at audiophiles? Renault have partnered with German high-end hi-fi manufacturer BOSE to create the ultimate sonic experience on wheels. But is there more to it?

What you get

As some car enthusiasts already know, the Renault is part of the Franco-Japanese Renault-Nissan Alliance. Unsurprisingly, the Koleos shares much of its styling from its Eastern partner’s X-Trail. The Renault Koleos BOSE 2014 is decked out in some of the most impressive audio kit, blowing most of the aftermarket car audio systems out of the water. The interior is fitted with a sub-woofer enhanced four speaker setup with sweet higher notes graced along by two tweeters. This is controlled, along with the Bluetooth, auto headlights, satellite navigation, cruise control and other bells and whistles, by a circular wheel in the middle of the dashboard. It also comes with climate control and front and rear parking sensors. It also has the standard airbags and electronic chassis control aids installed, as well as foldable rear seats and a split tailgate option. A 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine is what makes the Koleos move.

What to expect

Luckily for music fans, the Koleos BOSE system gracefully scoops up all the subtleties of your music whether you’re a Mozart or Metallica fan. Bass comes in thick and throaty with mids and highs airing through with an added touch of crispness. You’ll turn your nose up listening to music in standard car audio systems ever again. The black-leather interior has room enough and then some, a 450 litre boot is handy as well. On the road, however, the Koleos BOSE isn’t so impressive. The wheel seems sluggish to get around bends, suffering from chronic understeer. It’s not too easy on the rear end, as the seats aren’t the most comfortable over bumps and divots. They feel fairly lifeless compared to most other SUVs at this price range. Some of the button placements are a bit brainless, such as the accept/reject call buttons placed on the steering column, not the wheel. The engine does well enough, and a constantly variable transmission has the Koleos gliding along with ease on even roads. It seems to puff and pant from incline starts, however. The average fuel consumption hovers around the mid-7L range, which is great considering Renault quote 9.3L/100km.

At times, it seems Renault hope you’re too engrossed in your own personal Schubert symphony to notice its many mechanical shortcomings. Take it from a hi-fi enthusiast – there’s not enough here to make the Koleos BOSE edition stand out from its competition.

Vehicle Specs

2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol putting out 126kW
Continuously variable
9.3L/100km (quoted)
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