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CarClick, Australia’s fastest growing online car classifieds, is proud to announce a new $1,000 scholarship prize for all undergraduate students in Australia.

CarClick is offering the prize to help students with their costs associated with attending university, such as textbooks, computer software and hardware or other materials such as practical equipment for the academic year 2016.

To enter, you must be a current undergraduate student in an Australian university at the time of the competition. Students from all courses, institutions and learning streams may enter the scholarship. You must be an Australian resident and over the age of 18.

To be eligible for the prize, candidates will write a 100-word extended response on the question “What will the Australian car industry look like 20 years from now?"

A panel of car experts from CarClick will judge submitted essays.

  • Knowledge of the automotive industry in Australia
  • Insights into the interplay of market forces, manufacturing outputs and international trade
  • Critical and business thinking
  • Trend analysis
  • Clear, lucid and persuasive communication
  • Creativity and overall presentation.

The essay demonstrating these values to the highest degree will win the scholarship.

CarClick is looking to foster new and invigorating thinking about the Australian car industry. We want to reward university students interested in building the future of Australian based manufacturing and motoring. With major car brands Ford and Holden moving their manufacturing operations off shore, it leaves many questions around what that means for Australia’s automotive sector in the long-term.

Students must think critically about flow-on effects, distribution models, consumer costs and other financial and economic issues that affect Australians from all lifestyles.

This CarClick scholarship aims at rewarding excellence in students representing the best thinking and foresight into Australia’s automotive industry.

Use the entry form below to submit your response to the question, “What will the Australian car industry look like 20 years from now?” Best of luck!

Competition ends on 31/12/2016.

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